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Video Coaching Courses

The key to quick progression

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3 Day courses for most abilities to benefit from video coaching

Our video coaching courses at Gather & Glide are designed to inspire and encourage surfers of all levels to reach their personal surfing goals. With a focus on individual goal setting, we work one-on-one to help you perfect your technique and progress in a safe and supportive environment. Our video courses are open to all genders and for those of you who are catching green waves unaided and above maybe you want to continue practicing with goals from a previous course or want to figure out why your not sticking those hang 10's or getting as much spray as you want. So there’s no excuse not to join us in creating a thriving surfing community. Come experience the joys of surfing with us. We can’t wait to surf with you!

Video Coaching for all genders and most abilities, a fun 3 days surfing together and supporting each other
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Our 2024 dates
3 Day Courses
10th - 12th June
5th - 7th August
What the Surf Coaching looks like on our Video Coaching Days

We will have 6 filmed surf sessions from the land, plenty of time to capture clips of you in different surf conditions. This course is less focused on group theory and more focused on individual feedback.

Before setting out we will cover the basics of safety and ettiquette to make sure we are all on the same page. We will always explain the conditions of where we are surfing before getting in, to make sure we all feel comfortable.


  • Safety

  • Etiquette

  • Location overview

  • Mind based conversations

  • Video analysis

  • Set achievable individual goals for the next sessions and longer term goals for the future

  • If we see something that can benefit everyone we will run a theory session on it

We will give you and use in water exercises to improve and learn in a way that makes you feel good :)

Individual Coaching Days
in a like minded group

3 day course

Short, Intense, and Fun. Using filming as our main tool of coaching, watching it and taking those goals into the water following drills to improve while having fun. All that while receiving one on one tips and support from our experienced coaches in the water. 

We Are Mobile


We pick the best surf spots for the day within our permissions. So we will never be bound to surf unfriendly conditions. (unless the conditions are terrible everywhere we will then switch the surf for something more beneficial)

6 group sessions


Mad for it we will surf until we have spaghetti arms! (We won't enforce this don't worry!) We surf for as long as the group and waves work well, as we aren't limited to any time restraints. Plenty of time to get clips in a multitude of conditions

Our courses have all been scheduled around small (neap) tides so we can surf without the pressure of the tide getting too low or too high. 

Why Video Coaching?

Video coaching offers lots of  benefits, allowing yourself and coaches to see you in action and analyze movements. This practical approach reduces the need for extended theory sessions on land, emphasizing more time spent in the water practicing and refining techniques. The dynamic nature of video coaching creates a fun and engaging learning environment, fostering a sense of community among surfers who share the experience. The learning process is enhanced as surfers receive personalized feedback on their performance, contributing to a more effective and enjoyable surfing journey.

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On land open conversations
Photo & Video Analysis
1:1 Goal Setting
Progression With No Pressure
Minimum Course requirements

To make this video coaching course beneficial we ask you have the ability to surf green waves most of the time. If your uncertain if this course is for you check out our Surf Progression Courses or please drop us a message and we can have a chat.


  • Previous attendance on our Progression courses or good surf experience.

  • Can catch green unbroken waves without assistance

  • Can ride the face of the wave most of the time

  • Comfortable surfing 2ft waves

  • Can paddle out back.

If your wondering if this is the right course for you or have any questions drop us a message

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Our Coaching

We keep our groups small with only 8 people per course, with three coaches, so we can effectively help and advise everyone.


We have a mix of technical theories and open conversations about surfing. We believe improving your surfing isn't just in the technique but also in the mindset. Our ethos is to give you the permission to play and encourage learning from and supporting each other.


Our technical theories use demonstrations, videos, images, on land practice and in water exercises. We have created our curriculum through years of experience and critical thinking combining them in a way that's easier to understand and digest.

"Video coaching really is the key to progression at any level"
Allannah - Course Leader

Learn New Skills

Fine Tune Techniques

No Pressure

Build Confidence

Video Coaching Course Dates
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