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Level Two
Improver Surf Course

Lets get beyond the breaking white water waves and ride those unbroken green waves like we stole them!

Master of White Water time to get beyond and outback? Or want to catch more unbroken green waves? This course is for You!

This course is ALL about learning how to get beyond the white water. This course grows confidence and will show you how to catch and ride along unbroken waves. This is undoubtedly the most difficult hurdle in surfing, that's where we come in and we can guarantee you will catch your first (or more if you've caught them before) unbroken waves. We search for the best small waves of the day so we will never be paddling out in anything you wont be able to handle.

Our coaching for this course is unlike anyone else’s we have met, We have three coaches for every group of 10 and we utilise our swim fins so we can be right by your side and help you paddle out, find positioning, line you up and push you into some of the best waves of your life so far. Once you've got that feeling down we then encourage you to paddle into the waves! It feels SO good and we cant wait to help you achieve it!

Gather and Glide Intermidiate Surf courses

Learn How To Paddle Out

Surf Unbroken Waves

Start Turning

Build Ocean Confidence

Prepare for 5 days of jam packed ocean action, tons of theory, giggles & great times with like minded women who are at the same stage looking to progress!

white to green surf courses Gather and Glide

Level Two Improver Course

May 8 - 12th 2023
June 12 - 16th 2023
July 10 - 14th 2023
September 4 - 8th 2023
September 18 - 22nd 2023

Gather and Glide Video analysis surf coaching

What You Will Learn

We Use a combination of in depth land theory, in water assistance and feedback, video analysis combined with in water exercises. We understand everyone learns differently, at different paces and we completely consider this in our approach and will be giving you individual achievable goals throughout the week.

What we cover on this course:

  • Safety

  • Good ettiquette

  • Paddle technique

  • How to paddle out

  • Pop Up’s

  • Catching green waves

  • Riding across the face

  • Technique breakdowns

  • Surf forecasting

  • Ocean confidence

  • & More  

We are all about good vibes, Creating a relaxed learning environment and making sure everyone gets some waves that you will remember forever.

Small Groups
Expert Tuition 
No Pressure Environment 
Meet New Friends 
Progression Focused

5 Day Course

5 Days of pure surf progression, Its exhausting but amazing. We will push you till you feel that spaghetti arms are real.

Up to 10 Surf Sessions

We have organised the dates of these courses around small (neap) tides so we can surf without the pressure of a tide getting too high or too low.

We surf for as long as the group lasts or conditions allow we aren't limited by any time restraints. 

We Are Mobile

We pick the best surf spots for the day within our permissions. So we will never be bound to surf unfriendly conditions. (unless the conditions are terrible everywhere we will then switch the surf for something more beneficial)

Photo & Video Analysis

Land & Water Drills

 Experienced Coaches 

1 on 1 Goal Setting

Maximum 10 Participants
With Three Experienced Coaches

Course Requirements

We want to make sure that you get the most out of this course, we ask for previous surf experience so we keep our groups similar ability levels. If you wondering if its right for you please just drop us a message.

  • Basic surf experience

  • Can catch white water waves unassisted

  • Are able to stand up most of the time 

  • Can control board in white water

  • Starting to turn left & right 

  • Thinking about paddling out / already out the back

  • Feeling ready to start surfing green waves 

If your still getting to grips with standing in white water check out our

Level One Beginners Course. On the other hand If you are able to already ride along the wave face most the time this may not be advanced enough for you. Check out our Level Three Improver Plus Course.

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Level Two Improver Surf Courses

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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To Improver Booking
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''We understand this can be the hardest part of learning to surf, because we've been there! Everything in this course is designed to build confidence and ocean understanding so you can get out there and surf your brains out!'

Allannah & Sam - Directors / Course leaders


'' They definitely found the perfect balance between making it super fun & giving technical advice for anyone serious about improving their technique. They really know their stuff and I'm looking forward to booking some more coaching with them soon''

Improver course


Beginners Course
Level One


Improver Plus Course 
Level Three

What to Expect on our Courses

We like to work around the tides and surf conditions, hit the link for more info on what you can expect when you join one of our courses

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Our Coaching & Team

Our Coaching is a little different from the rest. Find out why here and meet the crew!


Equipment & Hire

What to bring along and what we can offer so you can surf to your full potential and have the best time!

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Check out our recommendations on where to stay in Newquay and surrounding areas, So you can find the perfect place to rest after a whole day in the ocean!


Surfing in Newquay

Click the link to discover more about the UK's leading surf town here in Cornwall and find out where we will be surfing!



All your Questions answered. Mostly about surfing not necessarily about life hehe

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Paddle out with us in Newquay, Cornwall
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