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GatherandGlide Private surf coaching

Private Surf Lessons

Technical Breakdowns

Suitable For All Levels

Build Confidence

Lets do this together!

With 1:1 coaching you will receive tons of technical feedback and a long list of goals to work on over the next few months!

On your booking form, we will ask for a small description of your surfing ability and what you are looking to achieve/working on so that we can assign one of our expert coaches to you. 


This is the perfect environment for anyone who has never surfed before or for anyone who is feeling a little nervous. Also available for groups.


Using a combination of on land theory, in water analysis and photo/video analysis we will work together to come up with a list of goals to work on over the following weeks to help put you in the right direction so you can take your surfing to a whole new level.


Feel Confident
Tailored To You
Catch More Waves
Level Up
Have fun!

Gather and Glide Surf Progression Courses Private coaching Newquay

Video & Photo Analysis

Seeing yourself is the best way to progress, especially when working with one of our expert female instructors. 

All footage you get to keep, It will also go into our private student database so we know what you are working on next time you join us.

1 : 1 Goal Setting

Work one on one with an experienced surf coach to see how you can take your surfing to the next level!

Waves Suitable For Your Ability

We pick the best surf spots for the day within our permissions, meaning we will always find the best waves suitable for what you want to work on.

On Land Theory and In Water Drills

Using a combination of on land technical breakdowns & in water drills, We analyse your surfing to help you achieve those next steps - But don't worry there's no pressure. We are all about building confidence and having fun in the ocean at the same time!

Very Limited Availability
Get in Touch to Book

Gather and Glide Private Coaching

Is This Right For Me?

A Private One to One Session can really excel your surf ability through full attention of a coach. Although we find it can be overwhelming for some people in which case we would recommend checking out our group courses.

  • Any amount of surf experience

  • Have something specific that your working on or fault correction

  • Are looking to learn new skills

  • Enjoy one to one coaching 

  • Want to try surfing before signing up to one of our courses if your feeling a bit nervous. 

Our Other Surf Courses

If you are looking to surf with a bunch of likeminded women, in a small group with no pressure, hit the links for more info!

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Beginners Course
Level One

What to Expect on our Courses

We like to work around the tides and surf conditions, hit the link for more info on what you can expect when you join one of our courses

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Our Coaching & Team

Our Coaching is a little different from the rest. Find out why here and meet the crew!


Equipment & Hire

What to bring along and what we can offer so you can surf to your full potential and have the best time!

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Check out our recommendations on where to stay in Newquay and surrounding areas, so you can find the perfect place to rest after a whole day in the ocean!


Surfing in Newquay

Click the link to discover more about the UK's leading surf town here in Cornwall and find out where we will be surfing!



All your Questions answered. Mostly about surfing not necessarily about life hehe

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