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What To Expect On Our Courses

Two Surf Sessions a Day

We don't have time limits on our sessions we surf as long as the waves are good.

Theory Sessions

Full of theory and practical sessions. Q&A's everyday.

Ask us anything.

In Water Photographer Session/s

One session on two day courses. Two sessions on five day courses. (We take on land video and photos everyday too!)

We follow our course curriculum's developed by us. Our curriculum is flexible for the conditions we will cover it all on your course and more. We are here to answer all your surf related questions.

We do video analysis on every course. We film or take photos everyday from the land (unless its incredibly wet!) We aim to do video analysis once on beginner progression weeks and on two day courses and twice or more on Intermediate and Longboard 5 Day Courses. 

We give you individual goals to improve your surfing, from video analysis and coaching. Your goals then remain in our protected database so we can look back on them when you return.  

On select courses we will run ocean confidence sessions which can involve swimming in the sea, to body surfing, belly boarding or breath holding workshops. What we do is dependent on conditions. 

We are based at Watergate Bay
we are mobile within our permissions.

Gather and Glide is ran out of our modified surf van to give us freedom to surf wherever the conditions are best. This does mean we do get changed and ready to surf outside our vehicles like most British surfers. This also means we don't have access to a hot shower in our van, however in season Watergate does have public hot showers if the conditions are good and we are running from there.      

Ten Participants Per Course

We keep the numbers low enough for the best coaching.

Three Coaches Every Course

Three experienced coaches teaching each course.

Similar Abilitied Group

We have divided our courses into three levels so you will feel comfortable.


We either organise a beach BBQ one evening if the weather is good or book one of our favourite restaurants to come together and celebrate!


When you arrive you will receive one of our goody bags with some useful things for you for the weekend or week.  

We will also send you all your land Photos and Videos from the course within a week of completion. If you would like them asap we can put them on your USB. Once the in water photos are edited you will be sent a link to download them.

Daily Schedule

Our Schedule of each day and course revolves around finding the best conditions, locations and tides for the surf sessions. Some days we may do sunrise or sunset surfs other days may mean a two hour break in between sessions. We are flexible.

We let you know three days before of our predicted schedule, but this is not fixed and does change.

Day One


Meet and greet at confirmed location
(If you need transport we can come and get you)
Join us for a hot drink
Introduction to the course
Safety briefing and first session theory
Equipment allocated (for those who need it)
Get suited up (check out our blog on getting into a wetsuit)


Go down to the beach
Practical movement based theory on beach depending on course
First surf no pressure just getting back in and comfortable
After first surf debrief


Theory before second session
In water surf exercise based session
In water individual feedback


After surf debrief


Chill out time or time to explore Newquay


Group restaurant booking


Day Two


Meet at confirmed location
On land theory and movement based theory on beach


Surf with In water Individual Feedback


Hot drinks and individual video analysis from last three sessions
Set small individual goals for the week or future
Q&A session


Fun surf working on individual goals
Debrief and plan for your progression




Example Two Days with Gather & Glide

What Happens After Booking

We send you out a booking confirmation straight away and will ask for a few more details on our form so we can make your course perfect for you. We will also ask you if you need equipment including board and wetsuit, we have a good selection of boards let us know if you have something in mind.

We recommend finding accommodation early, Newquay has a lot of accommodation but it does book up fast. Check out our accommodation page.

The week before the course we create a Whatsapp group with the other people joining on your course so you can get to know them better and potentially organise lifts down or transport. Your coaches and hosts will also be in the chat if you have any pre-course questions. We also use this group during the week to give you the next days plan and share surf photos of the day. No pressure to join.

Three Days before the course begins we send out a preliminary schedule for the week or weekend this is completely subject to change as the surf forecast changes all the time and we want to make the most of the time you have with us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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