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Womens Longboard Surf Courses
In Cornwall

Improve Your Longboarding With Us

We are SO passionate about Longboarding, the style, the flow and the grace attracts us. Lets face it and embrace it, there's a lot more days you can Longboard than Shortboard here in Cornwall. 

Our coaching is always based around having fun knowing that we all improve most while enjoying ourselves.


Cultivating Play. 


Kind & Experienced Coaches

2 Day Courses
& 5 Day Courses

Meet Likeminded Longboarders

We Find The Best Waves To Progress

Start Longboarding
Learn to Cross step
How to Noseride
Play & Improve


Level One

Longboarding Course

2 Days

Perhaps you've never tried Longboarding before? 

Maybe you've just felt overwhelmed by having such a large board out back with waves incoming, or struggling to turn?

This is the course where we unlock the secrets to feeling comfortable out there!


In Log On we cover:

  • Manoeuvring the board

  • Paddling a longboard outback

  • Different stances

  • Longboard etiquette

  • Turning a longboard

  • Surfskate / Longboard on land training 

  • & more


Level Two

Longboarding Course

2 Days

So your hooked? The Longboard life has chosen you. Your catching all the waves turning along the face happy days!

Now here's where the fun starts (Continues)! Want to know and understand how on earth you perch on the nose or move elegantly up and down your board?

In Stall & Step we will cover:

  • Stance

  • Turning the board

  • How to get the board into the magic spot

  • Stalling to Step

  • Cross Stepping

  • Mechanics of Noserides

  • Surfskate / Longboard on land training 

  • & More


Level One & Two

Longboarding Course

5 Days

Lets celebrate Longboarding!


This course is focused on making ourselves better surfers through fun and practicing our skills together (we may surf till our arms can't paddle anymore..) combine that with on land theory workshops and individual one to one goal setting and analysis. Lets find our flow together.

What this Course is about:

  • Practicing skills together

  • Style sessions

  • Combining Level One and Two Courses

  • Dancing

  • Personalised goal setting

  • One to One Video analysis

  • In Water photographer sessions

  • Surfskate / Longboard on land training 

  • & More.

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