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Longboard Courses

From starting your Longboard journey to improving your noserides, we have a course for you

Take the next 'step'

We are passionate about Longboarding here at Gather and Glide. The style, the flow and the grace attracts us all! Lets face it and embrace it, theres a lot more days you can Longboard here in Cornwall.

Relax with our coaching that has focus on mindset as well as technical and practical approaches, we believe that having a relaxed, calm, fun focused approach decreases the frustration in surfing and breaks down the barriers that fear and expectation put in our way. We believe we improve our skills the most while we are enjoying ourselves.

We offer three longboard courses focusing on different theory and exercises that are tailored to your level and ability

Which Longboard
course is right for you?

Can you ride across the face of a wave
(unbroken waves) & consistently stand up?
Can you turn and cutback?
Learn with the passionate and  experienced Longboard coaches and community in Cornwall
Level One
Log On

Our Log on, Level One longboarding course is the perfect place to start learning the basics of longboarding or improve your fundamental skills to become a better longboarder. With our Level One course, you will take your longboarding skills to the next level.

Level Two
Stall & Step

Our Level Two Stall and Step Longboarding Course offers a higher level of longboarding theory, designed to help you learn and improve your cross-step and noseriding skills. Our experienced instructors will provide you with personalised guidance and support throughout the course, allowing you to develop your skills and reach your maximum potential.


Longboard Week is the ultimate Log loving experience. We combine the level one and two courses into a full week of intensive knowledge, giving you the tools to improve your surfing skills. Not only that, but we find our flow with an art class and flow movement session. Our aim is to help you to find the balance between your mind and body while improving your surfing and enjoying the waves

Our Longboard Courses
  • Two guided surf sessions per day

  • Every session is filmed (or in water photographed)

  • Experienced Longboard coaches

  • Coaching Longboarding for 6 years

  • Maximum 8 Students per course with 3 coaches

  • Surf Skate session to help replicate turning

  • On land theory before every session

  • We use technical explanations, photos, video, demos and body movement repetitions to explain

  • Fun focused coaching to try to reduce frustrations

  • One to one goal setting

  • Courses built for where your at in your Longboard journey

  • Evening meal booking together

  • We are mobile to find the best conditions of the day

  • We run as close as we can to neap tides so no rushing around

  • Tea & Coffee mornings

  • Open conversational mind workshops

  • Meet likeminded people

  • Gather & Glide goody bag

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 12.30.08.png

These guys are just amazing! So approachable, fun and incredible coaches. If you are looking for a pressure-free way to progress your surfing and meet a great bunch of new pals along the way then look no further 👌

Longboard Course

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Longboard Course Dates
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