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Frequently Asked Questions

There's no such thing as a silly question!  - Below we have listed some useful information that you might be looking for...

 How good do I have to be for a course?

There is something for everyone, even if you have never even seen the ocean before!

We have beginner courses through to specialized advanced clinics, so everyone can be involved and enjoy the ocean!

Do you need to be physically fit?

You don't have to be an elite athlete to join in the fun, but we recommend that you have a basic level of fitness before joining one of our courses so that you can make the most out of it.

Do I need my own wetsuit & board?

You will be able to hire them from us, however, if you are thinking of surfing long term, it's great to own your own wetsuit, plus we have a great selection of surfboards to hire & local store discounts if you are thinking of buying a board and we will be on hand to help you choose a board that's right for you.

What do I need to bring?

  • Any surf equipment you may have, your own wetsuit, board etc (no worries if you need to rent these, we've got you covered!) 


  • A towel / changing robe / dry robe 


  • A reusable water bottle 


  • A lunchbox (if you want to bring your own food each day)


  • A thermos (because coffee...)


  • Clothing for any occasion, jumpers, waterproofs, comfy shoes, wooly hat, cap, sunglasses


  • A dry bag / bucket / changing mat to get changed on and to store your wet wetsuit 


  • Waterproof sunscreen / zinc 


  • Ear plugs (if you need them)


  • Loose change for car parks 


  • Any medical items you may need (we will have a first aid kit on the beach at all times where you can store inhalers etc)

Is it cold?

We always recommend our students to bring warm clothing, hats, towels and maybe even a thermos, as the weather can change quickly here in Cornwall. 

You will need a wetsuit no matter what time of year, from April the water is around 9°c, where we tend to wear 5mm wetsuits, with the summer months warming up to around 18°c where we tend to wear 4 or 3mm wetsuits. 

Don't have one? We have some that you can hire!

Are the waves big in Newquay, will it be too rough sometimes?

We are a mobile school, travelling to find suitable waves daily and we know a few nooks if there is a large swell or it is a bit stormy to find shelter. 


Sometimes mother nature doesn't play ball, but it's very rare if we have to take a whole day out of the ocean. 


We will generally swap one surf session for an on land theory session or something surf related.

I don't like being out of my depth and I'm scared of open water, would this work?

At Gather & Glide, it's one of our core values to ensure that you don't ever feel pressured, but to make sure that you go at your own pace, in a fun and safe environment, whilst learning loads along the way. 

With all of the courses, we find waves that are suitable for everyone, combining this with a ratio of 1 instructor to 4 students max, meaning that you will always have eyes on you in the water and meaning that we can split into groups, surfing with people that are the same ability. 

What better place to challenge yourself than to do it surrounded by qualified instructors and a supportive group of women!

Me and my friends have booked a course, but they are better than me, will this work?

With all of the courses, we have an instructor to student ratio of 1:4, meaning that we can split into different abilities so that you can go at your own pace, with no pressure, with other women who are of the same level/want to achieve the same goals, also meaning that you can be in the water with your friends too. 


If you are unsure please check out the course details or feel free to contact us regarding any queries you may have.

How old do you have to be?

16 - 100 +

If under the age of 16 please get a parent/guardian to contact us directly


Surfing is for anyone and everyone, all you need is love of adventure and passion for the ocean!

Is surfing Covid safe?

We spend most of the day outdoors where it is easy to social distance in the fresh air, as well as being in the water where we will be distanced due to the length of our boards. 

All of our staff are Covid aware and our first aid kit is equipped with the correct PPE, equipment and hand sanitizer. 

If this is something of concern to you, please feel free to message us and we are more than happy to discuss options and to give you any relevant information on the current Covid situation here in Cornwall.

I can no longer attend, can I postpone or cancel?

If this applies to you, please let us know of your situation as soon as possible so that we can assist you in the best way possible. 

Please see our cancellation policy.

Can I come solo?

Most of our students that join us come solo, but get ready to meet a bunch of like minded women and to make some amazing friends!

When do we get the photos / video of us surfing?

You will receive a link to all of your photos & clips where you can download them when the course has finished.

What's the parking situation like?

There are some locations in Newquay where we will be surfing where there is free parking next to the beach and we can also send you locations of where you can find nearby free parking.  

Sometimes we will be surfing locations where you can either pre-pay your parking via the just park app or alternatively bring some spare coins with you.

I have a dog, can I bring her?

We love dogs! 

However we cannot look after them when we are in the water.

We do have contacts for dog sitters, so if this is something you will need, let us know on your booking form and we can get you in touch with someone who can look after your pooch whilst you go shred!


Our Surf Courses

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