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5 day Progression Surf Courses for women taught in Newquay

Our Progression Weeks Are Made For You!

Whether you're a complete beginner or working on your cutbacks.

We have a course for you! 

With a combination of on land theory, in water drills and photo & video analysis we work together to take your surfing to the next level. So you will leave the course with achievable goals and understanding, more confidence and a bunch of new friends.

Gather and Glide Surf Coaching

 Experienced & Supportive Coaches

Video & Photo Performance Analysis

Meet like minded women with an interest in Surfing

We are mobile, Ensuring that we get you the best waves for learning

Learn to Surf 
Break Bad Habits 
Acquire New Skills
Build Ocean Confidence

Gather and Glide Beginner Course

Level One

Progression Course

5 Days

Ready to learn new skills, make new friends and discover what surfing is all about?

Join us on one of our Courses for Beginner Surfers! Where we will take you through the foundations of surfing and ocean safety in a supportive environment here in Newquay, Cornwall. ​

Its time for a New Adventure!


On this Course we cover:

  • An introduction to surfing

  • Equipment explanation

  • On land theory

  • Surf specific drills

  • In water analysis

  • Surf forecasting

  • Surfing Etiquette

  • Surfskate on land training 

  • & More

Gather and Glide Improver surf Course

Level Two

Progression Course

5 Days

So you've mastered the White Water and want to get past the broken waves and out of that bubbly white watery comfort zone.

Or maybe you're already out there but want to catch more unbroken waves and become a master of timing!

Lets get out there and do this together!

On this course we cover:

  • White to green waves

  • Technique breakdown

  • Pop up perfection

  • Paddling out techniques

  • Surf etiquette  

  • Catching green waves

  • Riding across the face of a wave

  • Forecasting theory

  • Ocean confidence session

  • Surfskate on land training 

  • & More

Gather and Glide Improver Plus Surf Course

Level Three

Progression Course

5 Day Course

Riding along green waves (best feeling ever!) But want to start using the wave to its potential, initiating turns and start creating and finding speed?

This Course is designed for you! Lets take Surfing to the next level!

On this course we cover:

  • Technique & maneuver breakdowns 

  • Bottom turns

  • Generating speed

  • Cutbacks

  • Board control in the line up

  • Surf specific drills

  • Navigating the line up

  • Wave mechanics

  • Increasing wave count

  • Surfskate on land training 

  • & More.

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''I started my late 30's and Sam and Allannah kept me motivated when other coaches may have lost patience. They helped me find my passion for surfing and after spending a week with them I went and bought my own board and 2 yrs later haven't looked back. I've also had a virtual lesson with them which was great! The best thing about them, other than the fun they bring to teaching, is how they deliver constructive feedback''

Level One -  Beginner course

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