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Longboard Week

Level One & Two Longboard Course

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From Paddling a longboard out to noseriding !

Welcome to our combined level one and level two Longboard course!

This course is packed full of theory and exercises to take away after the course. This is our intensive longboarding course.


Not only do we hone our fundamental skills, turning, practice cross stepping then noseriding, we also delve into the mental side of surfing with a conversation topic and a technical theory every day. We also spend a morning with a Flow Movement Workshop and run a collaborative art evening.

This is the course to get to grips with longboarding and improve your skills and knowledge. It cant all be done in a week, but this course will set you well on your way with all the knowledge and ways to succeed and get them toes over!

We will improve your Longboarding through surf sessions, video analysis and theory sessions. Always with a smile and most likely with some dancing.

Our 2024 Courses
5 Day Courses
13th - 17th May
23rd - 17th September
Whats on this course:

We will take you on a journey of theory and practical exercises, with in water guidance, whilst keeping it fun with no pressure.

We cover:

  • Longboard ocean safety

  • Etiquette on a Longboard

  • Useful mindsets

  • Paddling out

  • Loosening the stance and turning

  • Staying with the wave

  • Stalling and what that means

  • The mechanics of cross stepping

  • How to Noseride

  • Hang 5’s and Hang 10’s

  • Set small achievable goals for you to aim for in the future with our video analysis

  • Surfskate workshop

  • Art workshop

  • Flow movement workshop

  • What makes a good Longboarder

  • Frustration & Ocean Confidence

  • Open Conversations


The complete intensive
longboarding course

2 Day Course


Full days of surf progression, Its exhausting but amazing. You will probably understand the words spaghetti arms.

2 Surf Sessions per day

We have organised the dates of these courses around small (neap) tides so we can surf without the pressure of a tide getting too high or too low.

We surf for as long as the group lasts or conditions allow we aren't limited by any time restraints. 

We Are Mobile


We pick the best surf spots for the day within our permissions. So we will never be bound to surf unfriendly conditions. 

Surf Skate Session


We use our surf skates for a beginner introduction session and social skate one afternoon/evening. Its amazing to practice turning on land and transfer it to the ocean. *Weather dependent

On Land & In Water Theory
Photo & Video Analysis
1:1 Goal Setting
Progression With No Pressure
Is this course for me?

We recommend the Longboard Week for all levels of longboarding, As long as you are able to catch unbroken waves. 

  • Longboarding is not ideal to learn to catch unbroken waves, if your still in the white water we recommend our progression courses.

  • Able to control a longboard outback
  • Able to catch unbroken waves

If you're wondering if this is the right course for you or have any questions drop us a message.

Art Flow Session

We have a giggle working collaboratively on some artwork and then get down into our pastels, pencils and paper to find our flow.

Flow movement session

We get into the elements in a movement workshop to come into our bodies and release anything not serving us . We will be roaring. This is in collaboration with FAWE movement.

In Water Photography

One of our friends (or us) will come join us for a session in the water to capture the fun in the water and get some images of yourself with the beautiful angles and light. This is usually combined with our hype up session.

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Our Coaching

We keep our groups small with only 8 people per course, with three coaches, so we can effectively help and advise everyone.


We have a mix of technical theories and open conversations about surfing. We believe improving your surfing isn't just in the technique but also in the mindset. Our ethos is to give you the permission to play and encourage learning from and supporting each other.


Our technical theories use demonstrations, videos, images, on land practice and in water exercises. We have created our curriculum through years of experience and critical thinking combining them in a way that's easier to understand and digest.

Review of gather & glide Newquay Surf Courses.png

I did a five day longboarding course and it was brilliant, would highly recommend joining one of these course. No matter what level of surfer you are, there is something to help everyone. This course gave me much more confidence in the water and helped improve my pop ups. Allannah and Sam are amazing coaches and not only that they treat you as part of the family.

Longboard Week Course

"The best part of creating these courses is the bringing of amazing people together and watching the progression"
Sam - Course Leader

Learn New Skills

Fine Tune Techniques

No Pressure

Build Confidence

Longboard Course Dates
Longboard Course Book
If these dates aren't working for you...

We can also run bespoke

private one to one's,  group sessions and weekends
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