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Top Christmas Gifts For Surfers 2022

Photo: Bella Bunce

Best Christmas Gifts For Surfers 2022

Lets be honest, the only gift a surfer truly wants is any empty line up with friends and fun waves!

If you surf yourself and are buying for a fellow surfer, you have a rough idea of what they would like, I mean, I'm pretty stoked even just to receive a block of wax!

But if you don't surf and are buying for a surfer, it can get pretty confusing.

So here's some gift ideas and stocking fillers for surfers.

Small Gifts & Stocking Fillers


Always needed and surfers never have enough! - Check the temperature on the box, if you are buying for a surfer in the UK, we want cool - cold wax.

£2 - 3


Nothing beats a hot beverage when getting out of the water in the winter!

£10 - 40

FCS wax / Photo: I love the seaside

Surf Magazines

Personally, I still love picking up a mag, it's so nice to hold something in your hand, flicking through the pages and looking at amazing surf imagery and reading articles.

Popular UK surf mags include:

  • Surfgirl

  • Carve

  • Daughters of the sea

  • Surfers path

  • Wavelength

  • BLU

£6 - 10

Air freshener

To hide that smelly wetsuit smell!

£3 - 5

FCS key & longboard plates

If they ride big boards, they will generally have a screw and plate system for the fin box and they always go missing, so it's good to have spares!

£2 - 6

Wax Comb

Make your wax tacky again when your supply has run out!

£2 - 5


Protecting your skin from the elements and seriously waterproof, plus they can come in crazy colours!

£8 - 25

Check out Surf Yogis natural zinc & Zinka protection for cool colours!


- Average surfer guide - A must read for every level of surfer, The Average Surfer's Guide to Travel, Waves and Progression is a book about surfing as much as it is about mental health, life balance and prioritising one's passions.

- Barbarian days - This Pulitzer Prize winning book is an autobiographical look at a life spent surfing. Finnegan shares stories of life in a whites only gang in a tough school in Honolulu even while his closest friend was a Hawaiian surfer.

- Stormrider surf guides - The perfect gift for any surfer with travel plans anywhere in the world, with the Stormrider book series. These books are full of information on surf breaks, how to get there and inside info from people who have been there.

£10 - 25

Bigger & Main Gifts

Surf Plugs An essential piece of kit for any cold water surfer to avoid the dreaded ‘surfers ear’ (cartilage growing over the eardrum). Check out Surf Ears, they won't break the bank and they do the job! Or treat your loved one to some custom plugs with Surf Mould Pro.

£50 -130

Custom plugs & Surf ears

Wetsuit hangers To store and dry your wetsuit properly to avoid it perishing and to allow it to dry the quickest! C - Monsta hangers - This hanger allows you to hang all of your winter kit up to dry, as well as your suit, so you don't find yourself with boots and gloves dotted all over the house. HangAir - A hanger with a fan, helps to dry your wetsuit out fast, preventing any bad odours from a damp old wetsuit left drying for days.

£25 - 60

Hangair & C - Monsta hanger

Gather & Glide Surf Course

Surprise your loved one with a spot on one of our 2 or 5 day surf courses or book a private lesson with one of our expert coaches!

£199 - 499

Changing Robes

Get changed quickly in and out of your suit with a robe whilst keeping warm!

Towel poncho - These are great, just pop them on over your head and slip in and out of your suit. They are great for drying yourself off quickly in the winter when you're in a rush to pop your clothes back on.

DryRobe - Definitely worth the investment, these are amazing! Not only are they waterproof, but they are really warm and comfortable, meaning that you can use them to change in, or pop them on and drive home to the shower.

£25 - 150

Dry Robes & Surf ponchos

Changing Mat / Bucket

To avoid getting your wetsuit covered in mud or gravel when getting changed. They are also great for putting a wetsuit in after surfing to keep your car or backpack dry.

£10 - 40

Surf watch

Great for seeing how many waves you caught during your session, how fast you travelled and using the GPS map to see where you paddled around in the line up, perfect for any surf nerd!

£80 - 200

Changing mat / Changing bucket / Ripcurl GPS surf watch


Capturing all of your waves every surf from different angles, using different mounts.

The latest and greatest from the masters at GoPro, the GoPro Hero 11 is an innovative little camera. Perfectly waterproof, this is an excellent camera to capture surf shots of yourself or your friends.

£150 - 400

Balance training board

A way to practise surfing balance and technique on dry land - to the global spread of all board sports, Indo Board is the balance board used by champions world wide.

£80 - £150


The perfect way to practice surf movement repetition, especially for landlocked surfers.

£100 - 300

- Message us for 15% off Mindless Surfskates & REKD protection!

GoPro / Indo Balance Board / Mindless surf skate

Surfgril Premium Subscription

Get access to surf tutorials, nutrition and recipes to surf longer, fitness & yoga videos + so much more!

£15.99 per month / £63.99 1 year

Gather & Glide coach Allannah on Surfgirl Premium


Have a great Christmas everyone and see you in the water soon! Allannah :)


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