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The Surf in Newquay

Find out more about the waves we surf & where on our courses!


Variety of surf beaches

Waves for all levels

Beautiful scenery

Surf capital in UK


Where we surf in Newquay

We spend most of our time at Watergate Bay, depending on the conditions. 

Watergate Bay is a short drive outside of Newquay, where we have a huge beach, with plenty of space, making it easier to avoid crowds.

We are a mobile school, meaning that we have the freedom to travel to different locations so that we can find the most suitable waves for your course.

What are the waves like in Newquay?

All beaches have a sand bottom and some offer protection from larger swells and wind, making Newquay the perfect location to learn to surf or to improve your surfing skills. 

There is usually a surfable wave everyday in Newquay, even in the summer, with good consistency, it is rare that the waves are too wild to surf and even though there may occasionally be some small spells in Summer, as long as you have a big board, you're good to go! 

The power of the waves in Newquay is relatively soft, with most beaches offering playful spilling waves, making the waves accessible and easy to improve on, especially if you're getting ready to paddle out to the unbroken waves for the first time.

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Your time with us

During your time with us, we check conditions daily, ensuring that we surf the best & safest spots suitable for the group. 

Your coach will show you several safety techniques to ensure the safety of yourself and other water users when out in the water. 

If there are any potential hazards at any of the locations that we surf, your coach will point them out to you before entering the water.

 We plan our lesson times around the tides and potential crowd factors so that we can get the best waves, with the least people.

This may mean the occasional sunrise & sunset surf, watching the sun rise & fall over stunning cliff tops and unbeatable scenery, we cant wait to show you how amazing it is here!

Join our community

The surf community here in Newquay is unlike any we have ever encountered. We have spent years travelling the world, but as cliché as it sounds, there is no place like home and it's the people that make it. 

There are so many women in the water now, It's amazing, you will usually receive a smile or nod from your fellow water-woman and feel like you're part of something great. 

You can paddle out on any day and have a full conversation with a complete stranger, male or female, the vibe in the water here in Newquay is relaxed and laid back and feels welcoming. 

At Gather & Glide, community is something that is very close to our hearts and it's one of our goals to support and include as many local businesses and female surfers as possible, to continue supporting each other here in Newquay to help strengthen our community.


Our Coaching


Our Surf Courses

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