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We are super lucky to know many local shapers and we love being able to support small, local businesses and we have a growing selection of hand shaped boards (Long & Short) from different local shapers. Our goal is to slowly expand our collection so there's more for you to try. We currently have a few boards being made and a few boards to try.

During your time on the course we may recommend trying different boards, maybe you haven't surfed your own board in a little while and you feel like it's holding you back or if you're looking to experiment with new boards. You can hire them daily and try out a few different shapes to find one that works well for you.


You will need a wetsuit no matter what time of year. From April the water is around 9°c where we tend to wear 5mm wetsuits. The summer months it warms up to around 18°c where we tend to wear 4mm or 3mm wetsuits.

We have a brand new batch of wetsuits for the 2022 season! We have a great selection of winter and summer suits that are going to keep you toasty, just let us know if you need one.


If you have your own wetsuit or surfboard bring it along!

If not, we have a great selection of wetsuits & boards, please let us know what size suit and board you require when filling out your booking form

Wetsuit:  £5 per day
Surfboard: £10 per day

Let us know what you need when booking

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