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What To Pack For A Surf Trip

If you're reading this, it probably means you're getting ready for an adventure!

I don't know about you, but I'm currently on my first surf trip in 3 years since Covid and I must admit, when it came to packing, I couldn't remember what I needed or what my essentials used to be!

So here's a list of useful things to pack if you need a cheeky reminder like I did:

Samantha Sunshine in Costa Rica / Photo Emilianoeye surf photography

1) Extras for your Wardrobe

  • Loose clothing - for warmer climates

  • Long hareem pants to lounge in the evening / Mosquito protection

  • Bikinis, swimsuits, surf leggings, rash vests - take a selection of surf wear that can give you protection for each part of your body to protect you from the sun at different times, so if you get burned one day, you can protect it the next.

  • Microfibre towels - they roll up small, weigh less and dry fast!

  • Hats - A bucket hat for mid day sun and a smaller cap for mornings and evenings or to cover up travel hair!

  • Sunglasses - Bring a spare pair in case they get lost or damaged

  • Shoes & flops

  • Sarong - They take up no space and they don't weigh anything, wrap up on the flight, sun protection, use it to get changed, protect your board from the sun or for something to sit on.

Allannah getting cosy in Denpasar airport after a volcano eruption grounded flights / 2016

2) Surf Gear

  • Wax - Buy the right wax for the water temperature where you will be surfing and bring a couple bars, as sometimes it can be hard to purchase wax depending on where you are going.

  • Extra fin key - In case a friend borrows one and forgets to give it back to you!

  • Spare leash

  • Spare fins

  • Dry bag

  • Ding repair kit

  • Surfboard sock / day bag - To protect your board from dings and sunlight when going to and from the surf

  • Boards - Take 2 so you can surf all conditions and in case one gets dinged.

  • Ear plugs

  • Reef boots

  • Surf hat / cap - With a strap that clips under the chin

Portugal / Photo Myeyeswontdry

3) Essential Extras

  • Zinc - For ultimate sun protection

  • Waterproof sunscreen SPF 30+ & SPF 50+

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Reusable drinks bottle

  • Insurance - Make sure your plan covers surfing

  • Travel documents - Make sure your passport is in date etc

  • International drivers license - if renting a car / scooter

  • Visas - Check the requirements, even if you have been to that country 100 times, they can be updated.

  • Covid Pass - Some countries require vaccination certificates / test results or request that you download certain apps before entering the country.

  • Spare bank / credit card - Keep these separate in case one is lost

  • Travel adaptors

  • Small dry bags - For electronics and accessories

  • Duct tape - for board repairs, injuries and general use.

  • Head torch

  • Pack of cards

  • Roof straps - For boards that can't fit inside taxis

  • Mosquito net

  • First aid kit

  • Swim fins - For flat days when you want to swim or snorkel

  • Camera / GoPro

  • Kindle / book

  • Shampoo bar - Will last the duration of your trip, plus use it to hand wash clothes

  • Tote bags - For shopping or can be used as storage for clothes


We hope that helps, have a great trip!

Allannah :)


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