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Congratulations Tatiana Weston Webb! MEO Pro Portugal Winner

Its been a while since we have seen Brazilian / American surfer Tatiana Weston Webb battle it out in a final with Lakey Peterson - and it did not disappoint!

The MEO Pro Portugal finals

The rookies put on a great show and most of the contest favourites bowed out early, including Courtney Conlogue and Tyler Wright in the quarter finals.

Lakey Peterson met with Stephanie Gilmore in the Semis where they both put on a brilliant exchange, with the score coming in with just a 0.34 difference, taking Lakey into the final.

We watched Carissa Moore take on Tatiana in the 2nd semi final, where that also came down to just a 0.59 difference in the scores, Tatiana taking the lead.

Rookie on tour Gabriela Bryan (HAW) / Photo Damien Poullenot

In the final we saw Lakey and Tatiana battling it out in shoulder high, glassy conditions, showing hunger and determination to take the win.

Lakey surfed with aggression and power, especially on her backhand, but it was clear that Tatiana was going to do what she needed to do to win, with her vertical and progressive approach.

The rankings on the leader board have shifted slightly now with Tatiana laying in 4th position and Lakey jumping up to 2nd in the world.

Tatiana takes the win! / Photo WSL Brasil

Next at stop #4 we have the Rip Curl Bells Beach contest in Australia, April 10 -20th and we cant wait to see what happens!


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