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Are You Winter Ready?

Winter is coming! Can you believe the water is still 14° and it's November?! - It's still so warm!

We asked our team and surf friends how they prepare for winter, seeming as we all have different tips and tricks to get winter ready!

Laura Truelove - Daughters of the sea magazine / Photo: Christina Baldwin

1) Get Surf Fit

The extra neoprene we are about to put on in the coming months can sometimes feel restrictive, combining this with dropping water temperatures, it can sometimes take some getting used to and we can make this transition a little easier by getting fitter. Prepare yourself physically and mentally by taking up something new or by bringing in some simple, fun exercises into your daily routine.

- Check out Surf Fitness classes with G & G coach Mandy in Newquay

- Join Surfgirl Premium for fitness tutorials you can do at home

Hyping up before a winter surf! / Photo: Bella Bunce 2) Set yourself some winter goals

Set yourself some short and long term goals to work on over the coming months to keep the motivation alive! Make vision boards with images and words that inspire you.

Some examples: - How many times do you want to surf a month during winter?

- What do you want to be able to do in the water by the time spring returns? - Make a new friend each time i get in the sea Not sure what to work on next? Private coaching is a great way to work 1:1 with a coach to set you up with some future goals.

REMEMBER: Don't force anything, surfing is supposed to be fun and although goals are great for progressing, don't put too much pressure on yourself. If something isn't happening and you feel frustrated, drop it and just enjoy the water and try again another session.

Private coaching session with Molly, working on her frontside turns 3) Do your research

Beaches are not lifeguard during the winter months, so if you're surfing a new location, research the spot, ask friends, ask other surfers in the car park for potential hazards, ask them how the currents are, how the surf was and look out for one another :)

A Cornish gem / Photo: myeyeswontdry 4) Eat Well Personally, I'm all about yellow food in the winter, I CRAVE carbs. But I also like to make sure that my body is getting the right fuel to ensure that my body and mind stays healthy and so that when I go to the water, I have energy to tackle the elements.

Your body is a machine, give it some good fuel! / Photo Dominique Klimek 5) Check your equipment

It's time to dig the winter suits out! So give them a good once over, checking the seams and stitching for any tears or signs of wear, just so you can repair them in advance, so you don't end up surfing in a wetsuit with a few cheeky leaks! If you don't anyway, check your leashes, especially if you have had them for over a year. There's nothing worse than snapping a leash in cold water and having to swim into the beach.


  • Check the Velcro and how sticky it is

  • Run your nails along the cord, looking for any cracks / weaknesses or ‘nips’ in the cord

  • Make sure the 360° toggle has no cracks

  • Check that your leash string has not frayed

  • Ensure that the leash string is not long enough to touch the end of the tail

Ready for action! / Photo: myeyeswontdry ----- See you out there! Allannah


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