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Gift Ideas for Surfers & Support Local Businesses!

Hunting for that perfect, "Oops-I-Forgot-It's-Christmas" gift? Or want to treat yourself?

This year, we decided to shop smaller and to buy from small businesses, supporting our community.

Check them out!

Journal For Joy - Hometown Journal

Journal For Joy exists to inspire positive wellbeing through Uplifting creative journaling.

Author Hannah, is a keen surfer and has an infectious energy. She is based in Cornwall and we had the pleasure of her joining us on one of our longboard courses this year.

Hometown is all about helping you feel a greater sense of happiness and belonging - where you are right now!

Gather & Glide Gift Card

Why not delight your special someone with a gift card? To be used towards any of our courses, private sessions or merch - making it a perfect surprise!

Alm Sol Illustration

Our very own Sam Sunshine has a beautiful selection of prints that would brighten up any space. Her work is a colourful tribute to the ocean and surfing community, which Sam has wholeheartedly embraced both at home in Cornwall and during her globetrotting escapades.

Maia Walczak

Our good friend Maia Walczak is an award-winning children's book illustrator, author and artist based in Newquay. In her spare time you can find her in the sea or foraging in one of Cornwall's woodlands.

Becca Hall Illustration

Becca's main goal is to bring joy through her work. Originally from the Lakes, now living in Cornwall, she finds inspiration from the natural world around her.

You can now sign up as a patreon, where you can get access to monthly tutorial videos, offering a behind-the-scenes peek into Becca's creative process. Plus, Becca host's live Zoom drawing sessions for those looking to join in the artistic adventure.

Teylu Jewellery

Nestled in Cornwall, Paige creates beautiful pieces for everyone, which can be described as minimal, simple, geometric and modern, which subtly reflect the essence of Cornwall that fuels her creative spirit.

Bella Rose Bunce Photography

We have worked with Bella for several years and we can confidently say that she is a talented photographer, passionate about capturing surf and lifestyle shots and working with the community.

You can book Bella for a private shoot, on land or in the water and we can guarantee that you will have tons of fun and create some amazing images together!

Bella in her element - Photo by Salt shots

Zee Van G, Resin Artist

Merging aerial perspectives with a vision of the ocean surface from below, she aims to capture colours, textures, layers and patterns in her own abstract interpretation of mother nature's elements. Zee's endless inspiration is stored in her mind; memories of visuals of nature from her travels; her colour palettes are drawn from the sea, sky and earth.

Zee offers you the chance to reach out to order your own bespoke piece, or she has a beautiful collection of originals for sale.

Gfit cards & prints also available.

Zee / Photo Myeyeswontdry

Breath & Body with Naomi

You can book a session to join Naomi at her studio in Newquay or online.

Embarking on a breathwork journey with Naomi invites us to explore the hidden realms of our unconscious mind, where stored energy awaits its release. This transformative experience allows us to attain complete self-awareness, enabling us to deeply embrace and process long-buried emotions, ultimately freeing ourselves from their grip.


Have a great Christmas and see you out in the water!

Allannah :)


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