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My wetsuit stinks, Send help!

Now, if you own a wetsuit, you're probably no stranger to the unique smell that creeps up to your nostrils when you're peeling it off after a surf…

And if we are all honest here, most of us pee in our suits, who doesn't? (insert cricket noise)

Check out the hacks below to keep your suit smelling frreesssh!

Are they safe? Only one way to find out! / Photo myeyeswontdry

A dunk a day keeps the smell away!

Step 1)

Now it may seem like a chore, especially if it's freezing outside, but get yourself a bucket, fill it with clean, fresh water and dunk it after EVERY surf, making sure to rinse the inside of the suit to get rid of any excess sand.

Step 2)

Get yourself a decent hanger, hang the suit by putting it through the hanger like a pair of jeans. This is to avoid your suit wearing through the shoulders, And finally, hang it out of direct sunlight.

Step 3)

Once the suit is dry on one side, turn it the other way to make sure the suit is dry all the way through, otherwise your suit will stay damp, which can lead to mould and bad smells.

C - Monsta hanger

Tea tree oil

You can simply add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to your wetsuit dunking bucket, which helps to act as a disinfectant and can give your suit a brighter smelling smell.


It's the same stuff used for baby dummies, but it is very popular amongst surf schools and surfers looking to disinfect their wetsuits to eliminate odours. It is a mild sterilizing fluid that helps to keep your suit smelling fresh and it won't break the bank!

P**s off!

No not you, the smell! This biodegradable neoprene conditioner is designed to get rid of any unwanted stenches, simply by adding some liquid to your wetsuit dunking bucket.


We hope these hacks help! See you in the water, Allannah


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