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How To Get Good At Surfing Fast!

Can you feel the ocean's hooks in you? Like no matter how much time you spend in the ocean, it's never enough and you want to get good quick!

Sometimes it can be difficult to surf daily, due to work commitments and life in general, but there are ways to keep the stoke alive mentally and physically, so that next time you get back on your board you're ready for action!

It's definitely worth taking the plunge to improve your surfing ability, so here's a list of things you can do at home:


Surfing (In my opinion) is the hardest sport in the world, but also the most rewarding! - We are constantly having to adapt to what the ocean is throwing at us and with there being so much to learn, it can be difficult to set goals and to understand what to work on next.

Online tutorials & subscriptions can teach you about the ocean, how to surf safely and can show you how to do specific manoeuvres that you may be working on and you can watch them in your own time, even if you don't live near the ocean.

Gather & Glide course leader Allannah on Surfgirl Premium with her manoeuvre masterclass

Coaching & Surf Lessons

Coaching isn't just for beginner surfers, it's for everyone, even pros on the world tour have personal coaches and have regular instruction to help them level up.

We have courses for all abilities, including beginner, improver and specialised longboard & shortboard weekends, so that we can support you and give you the tools you need to level up faster with confidence!

Doing it together! A recent shot from our L1 Longboarding Course / photo Myeyeswontdry


A balanced diet can help you surf for longer and help you to recover faster after long sessions. So you could say that nutrition is the key to your endurance.

Food doesn't have to be boring, there's so many quick snacks and healthy treats you can prepare if the surf is pumping and you don't have time to make a meal.

Just think, your body is like a machine, if you eat the right fuel, you can surf for longer and that means you can catch more waves and progress.

Check out Surfgirl premium for loads of tasty pre and post surf food recipes to help keep you on top of your game!

Smoothie bowls are everything! / Photo Dominique Klimek


Surfing is a full body sport and it's important to keep those surf specific muscles moving especially if you're landlocked or unable to surf regularly.

Introducing fitness and movement into your daily routine will become more fun over time as your fitness builds up and you will find that you will be able to surf stronger and for longer.

Try new activities and sports to awaken new muscles and lean new skills, things like, bouldering, aerial silks, dancing, skateboarding, swimming, anything where you use your body weight and co-ordination.

Having fun on one of our surfskate workshops! / Photo Ben Hartly / Mindless Surfskates

Yoga & Dance

Surfing, yoga and dance go hand in hand. Surfing can be demanding on the body and the mind, so it's important to slow ourselves down.

Yoga allows us to check in with ourselves through breath and movement, allowing us to become more present and dance allows us to let go, to find our flow and style.

Not only will yoga and dance help to strengthen the body, it also helps us to build balance and flexibility, which are essential for popping up quickly, paddling efficiently and will help you to perform more advanced manoeuvres out in the water.

Pre surf movement class with Fawe / Photo Ben Hartly


Surfing is so much fun and it's important to stay healthy and fit, so that we can return to the ocean time after time to do what we love best! - So there's no time like the present to introduce new routines into your day to day so that you can keep on top of your game and to help you progress faster!

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See you out there, Allannah :)


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