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History made! - Wildcard Moana wins first ever women's pipe pro contest in dramatic final

Moana made the historic win at the Billabong Pro Pipeline, in classic Pipe conditions on Sunday, February 6th, against 5 x world champion Carissa Moore.

This was the first World tour event ever held at Pipe for the women and they stood up to the mark, pushing boundaries in huge, heavy waves and sending it, inspiring all viewers at home and the next generation of surfers.

There have been many women to surf Pipe over the years, opening up the door for the younger generation, but never before had there been a world tour event for the women until now.

This event has meant so much to female surfers around the world, the movie Blue Crush just became real.

Blue Crush - Universal Studios 2022

Moana added:

“This was the greatest thing in women’s surfing to happen, to have a contest out at Pipe on the championship tour level,” she said. “It’s ground breaking for women’s surfing and women’s history, and I’m so grateful to be part of this. I think it’s just the beginning for women’s surfing, and it’s going to get better and better.”

During the final, the conditions appeared tricky, with the sets swinging and shifting quickly, positioning in the line up looked difficult.

However, local hero Moana Wong has been putting hours into this wave for years and knew exactly where to position herself.

During the heat, she looked like she was free surfing and having the best time, dropping bombs and getting barrelled in the worlds most dangerous wave with the biggest smile on her face, getting spat out of barrels claiming and throwing her hands in the air, pure joy!

Moana Jones Wong smiling to victory - WSL

When the heat came to an end, she broke down with happiness

“This is the best moment of my life. I never thought I would accomplish this.”

Moana has now received her 2nd Wildcard entry for the next WSL event at sunset in Hawaii, and we can't wait to watch her in action again!


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