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How It All Started

Allannah and Sam first met around 9 years ago when they worked at the same surf school together in Newquay, Cornwall.

Now they are partners in crime, Sam, being a stand out Longboarder and Allannah a passionate Shortboarder. They surf everyday with a mission of making new friends in the line up and bringing women together to form a strong sense of community out in the water, no matter what level you are or what surfboard you ride.

Over the last few years they have had the dream of starting their own business, providing high quality & professional coaching for women to help them develop their skills and confidence out in the water, helping others grow.

They have designed the courses that they wished they had when they were learning and progressing, but have also made sure that they have brought an element of fun and creativity to each of the courses. 

They are quite the duo, with over 24 years coaching experience between them & both with their own unique styles of coaching. They want nothing more than to share the stoke of surfing with other women and to have a great time in the ocean! 

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"We wanted to create something amazing for other women with a love for the ocean. With each course we band together supporting one another to grow in confidence and surfing ability. We want everyone that comes on one of our courses to feel like they are part of something much bigger than just a surf lesson, but that they are part of our female surfing community here in Newquay."

Allannah & Sam - Owners & Course Leaders 

The Team
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Samantha Sunshine

Director / Course Leader

You will usually find Sam perfectly perched with toes over the nose, but who would have thought this little bird was originally from Southampton?!

In 2010, Sam left her old life behind and moved to Newquay so that she could surf every day and to immerse herself into a new world filled with opportunities. 

She has since landed the cover of SurfGirl magazine, had countless articles published and has had sponsors such as Surfdome & Watershed.

Sam is one of the UK's top female long boarders, She is a pleasure to watch, humble and is currently ranked 2nd on the BLU surf tour and has also placed in WSL (World Surf League) events such as Board Masters. 


Sam firmly believes in community over competition however and all she really cares about is making new friends and having fun! 

In her spare time, she is an accomplished artist, creating art inspired by the sea, culture and her experiences that she has had whilst traveling the world surfing some of the worlds best waves.

Some of Sam's favourite places include Morocco, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Peru, Indonesia and Panama. 

''My inspirations are drawn from everywhere…Waking up in the morning and seeing the sun shining, people who are kind and have time for everyone, and those who smile in and out the water!"

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Allannah Brown / Allan

Director / Course Leader

In the water, you will probably hear her before you see her, and that's not because she stands at 5ft tall -  Although she will argue that she's really 5'1...

She has an infectious laugh and has some cringe dad jokes up her sleeve, making her super fun to surf with. 

Born & raised in Newquay, Cornwall, Allannah learned to surf from the age of 14.

Allannah has also competed on the UK pro tour, had several sponsors, has surfed some of the worlds best waves and has made several TV appearances, but you will have to ask her about those...

Allannah has now been coaching worldwide for 14 years, Including places like Indonesia, Mexico & South Africa and loves nothing more than to travel and to share her love of surfing with others.

When she's not surfing, you will find her in the mountains snowboarding or in a mosh pit somewhere as she is an undercover metalhead and loves live music. 

'" I want to show people that surfing is for everyone, nobody owns the ocean and its there for us to enjoy. Its the one place you can really let you inner child loose, having so many benefits for our mental & physical health through play"


Emily Marsay

Surf Coach / Party Wave Initiator

Born & raised in the landlocked Midlands, Emily found her love for surfing after joining Exeter university surf club and then made here way south until she found herself residing in Newquay, where she could surf everyday! 

Emily has now been surfing for over 8 years and coaching around the world in places like Fuerteventura and South Africa.

When she's not busy surfing, she spends her time working hard on her PhD, Researching women’s empowerment in sustainable development. Emily is also a member of the Institute for Women’s Surfers, who seek to tackle sexism in the surf industry.

''Being in the ocean makes me feel happy and calm, and that’s something I want to share with you. I love surfing alone, for some much-needed me-time if I’ve had a busy day, but it can also be a super fun, empowering and social space for friends to come together and have paaaarty waves for days''

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