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Surf Academy

Welcome to Gather & Glide Surf Academy

Whether its catching your first green waves or doing your first cross steps we are here! We specialise in progressive surf coaching for female/non binary identifying humans, and have spots open to all on our video coaching courses.


Gather & Glide is owned and run by the surf coaches with over 26 years coaching experience! We deliver professional on land & in water tuition to help you push your surfing, feel good and be more confident in the water. Our course spaces are limited so you can get the most time with your coach and get the most out of your course!


We cannot wait to welcome you to our community! 

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Feel Good Surf Courses in Cornwall, UK

Learn New Skills

Fine Tune Techniques

No Pressure

Build Confidence

Friendly surf courses
tailored to your ability with a small crew of like minded individuals

Join us in an environment for effective improvement
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Join our community, where we're all about creating an environment that's perfect for effective learning. We teach the technical aspects of surfing as well as utilising our unique approach, Which revolves around playful concepts and coming together in a way that celebrates the joy of surfing while embracing the inevitable falls and failures that lead to technical improvement.

We don't just stop at teaching you to stand up on your board, Our courses are made for different stages in your surf journey, so you will always be with similar abilities. We infuse our coaching with a mix of fun drills and essential skills. By combining on-land theory, insightful video feedback, and hands-on in-water coaching, we provide a clear path for you to progress on your surfing journey.

It's not just about the body and mastering new techniques; it's about the mind too. We love open conversations about the mental aspects of surfing, providing opportunities for us all to share how we handle frustration and the highs and lows of riding the waves.

At Gather & Glide, we believe in approaching surfing in a way that serves you best – mind, body, and soul. Join us for an experience that's not just about catching waves but discovering a community, new friends and to feel more in touch with yourself.


Our Video Analysis offers  an in-depth look at your waves. We film all sessions, allowing us to provide a detailed evaluation of your surfing and create achievable goals and give you the tools to take your surfing to the next level.

Max 8
per course

Our small courses are the perfect way to learn and practice surfing with like-minded individuals. With a small group size, you will have plenty of one-on-one time with our expert instructors, allowing for higher improvement. Our courses are big enough to have a laugh, but small enough to be personal - ensuring that you get the best out of your surfing experience.


Surf Skateboards are the perfect way to take your surfing to the next level. You can practice turning and carving on land before practicing in the water, we love seeing the progress surf skates can create.


Progression Courses

Progression Courses

Get ready to take your surfing to the next level with our progression courses. Whether you've surfed a little or a lot our progression courses are designed for different stages and hurdles in surfing.  We take a technical and mindful approach.


*Our Improver Plus courses name has changed to Advanced, if you can catch green unbroken waves this course is for you.

Level One

Our beginner surf course is the perfect way to learn the basics of surfing. Our experienced instructors will teach you the fundamentals, from popping up on your board to standing up for the ride. With our help, you'll be surfing unbroken waves in no time!

Level Two


Our Improver course is perfect for those looking to take their surfing to the next level. We'll help you paddle out back to catch the unbroken waves and build your confidence along the way. With our experienced coaching, you'll soon be riding the face of the wave with ease and enjoying the exhilaration of catching the perfect wave.

Level Three

The Advanced Course is the perfect course for surfers looking to take their skills to the next level. We provide instruction on the key manoeuvres such as bottom turns and turning on the face of the wave, helping you to catch more waves and break bad habits. Our experienced coaches will help you to develop the skills to make your surfing experience more enjoyable and successful.

Women's longboard surf courses Newquay Cornwall

Longboard Courses

Longboard Courses

We love longboarding especially in the uk ! Our longboard courses are made for mastering fundamental skills and then progressing into more advanced longboard manouevres like hanging 10!

Log on!
Stall & Step


Our Log on, Level One longboarding course is the perfect place to start learning the basics of longboarding or improve your fundamental skills to become a better longboarder. With our Level One course, you will take your longboarding skills to the next level.

Our Level Two Stall and Step Longboarding Course offers a higher level of longboarding theory, designed to help you learn and improve your cross-step and noseriding skills. Our experienced instructors will provide you with personalised guidance and support throughout the course, allowing you to develop your skills and reach your maximum potential.

Longboard Week is the ultimate Log loving experience. We combine the level one and two courses into a full week of intensive knowledge, giving you the tools to improve your surfing skills. Not only that, but we find our flow with an art class and flow movement session. Our aim is to help you to find the balance between your mind and body while improving your surfing and enjoying the waves

Shortboard surf course gather & glide Newquay Cornwall.png
Short Board
Video Coaching

Bespoke &
Private Course

Interested in improving your shortboarding? Our shortboard courses will quickly help you figure out how to make better turns, feel more confident on a shortboard, catch more waves and get more spray! We run these on the more consistent shoulder seasons to make the most of better conditions. 

Introducing our three day co-ed video coaching courses. These courses are for those of you who want to fine tune or practice your surfing with a crew. Focused on more intense individual feedback utilizing video coaching,  less on group theory sessions. Always our feel good coaching ethos, which involves discussions about mindset and incorporating fun to improve positively and effectively. 


Beneficial for those who are already catching unbroken waves, or have surfed for a long time and want to reignite the froth! Longboard/Shortboard/Midlengths 

One to one coaching, private groups or bespoke courses. If you have a surf club or a group who wants us to run a course get in touch for our bespoke rates.


We can do private coaching from beginner to advanced video coaching

Drop us an email to find out more.

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