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Save Whipsiderry Cliffs

Urgent action is needed to prevent the environmental destruction to the Whipsiderry coast here in Newquay.

I have surfed here since I was 15 years old and like many others in the community, it is very special to them and needs protecting.

The community fighting to protect Whipsy - PC / Greg Martin

Whipsiderry Beach on the North Cornwall coast is one of the last untouched beach in Newquay.

This little cove is home to numerous bird, bats, small mammal and other flora and fauna, left to peacefully exist undisturbed by the beach-goers below.

However, Living Quarter Properties (Porth) want to build seven holiday-restricted properties on the land directly above the cliffs, and as part of a 16-year old planning permission, they must first concrete the caves and cliff sections below.

Whipsiderry's natural and wild environment will be gone forever, replaced with concrete.

The Save Whipsiderry Cliffs group was formed to prevent the environmental vandalism of Whipsiderry beach & cliffs, and to protect the geology, ecology & heritage of the area.

We have an incredible and passionate community behind us, both local and from afar, who are also unwilling to stand by and watch their natural landscape be destroyed for the sake of a greedy few.

Join our community for a wonderful day of live music, comedy & family activities, with a packed schedule for you to enjoy.

Immerse yourself in survival skills with Under The Canopy Cornwall, find your zen with some beach yoga and be amazed by the creative performers from Sprout Spoken. Plus, keep an eye out for a special visit from our very own local mermaids, The Cornish Merpod!

Save Whipsy Fest is a celebration of our beautiful coastline for everybody that loves this little corner of Cornwall, lets dance for a good cause!


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