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How To Protect & Store Your Surfboard

Its hot out there - Discover our top tips on how to protect your surfboard from the sun, so it can live a long and happy life!

Emily Currie on one of our trusty Zed Sleds / Photo Myeyeswontdry

Cleaning & Storing your surfboard:

1 - Rinse your board with fresh water after each session to remove any sand or saltwater.

2 - Dry the board with a towel or let it air dry.

3 - Store the board out of direct sunlight and avoid leaving the board in your car, the heat can make the wax melt and it can go everywhere, plus, you run the risk of the board delaminating!

4 - If you don't have a wall mount or rack, you can store your surfboard horizontally. Find a cool, dry place where it won't be exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperature fluctuations. Lay the board flat on a soft surface, such as foam padding or an old towel, to protect it from any hard surfaces or potential damage.

Put that quiver on show!

Sun Protection

Long walk to the surf or having a cheeky day at the beach? If only there was sunscreen for surfboards...

Avoid your board turning yellow, delaminating or loosing you wax:

Day Bags - Lightweight board bags that have some padding and usually have a reflective layer for UV protection, so they are perfect for car journeys to stop pressure dings and for storing your board in on the beach.

Board Socks - These fit snugg to your board and offer good protection from the sun, they can still get warm and can make the wax tacky, but are non bulky and lightweight.

Find Shade - Whenever possible, keep your surfboard in the shade. Whether you're taking a break on the beach or storing it at home, look for a cool, shaded spot to minimize sun exposure. Direct sunlight can weaken the board's construction.

Large towel / Sarong / Wetsuit - Pop them over your board for protection and a great way to dry the suit out!


See you out there!

Allannah :)

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