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Emily Currie Is The New European Longboard Champion!

Pc Eurosurf

When we first heard the news, we may have jumped out of our seats and did a little dance...

Emily Currie, your new 2023 European longboard champion!

I mean, we are not totally surprised by this, as when she's not surfing you can find her in the gym or on the golf course, she is one of the most dedicated people we have met and we are over the moon for her!

Ben skinner also took his 12th, yes 12th, European title, helping Team GB take Bronze overall.

Watch Finals Day Here!

The Eurosurf 2023 was held in Santa Cruz, Portugal, where teams from across Europe come together to showcase their talents, battling it out for results as independent surfers and as a team.

The contest features both longboarding & shortboarding divisions.

The UK team this year was made up of some of the UK's best surfers including: Emily Currie, Alys Barton, Lauren Sandland, Luke Dillon, Stanley Norman, Ben Skinner, Lucy Campbell, Lukas Skinner & Alex Libby.

The UK Team / pc Eurosurf


Keep up to date with GB surfing here.



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