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We are so lucky to be able to teach so many inspirational women, have a look at what they have to say about our courses


L1 Beginner course


' Allannah & Sam are fantastic and have helped me improve my surfing abilities over the last couple of years. I've been on several courses with them. They are absolute stars with boundless energy and enthusiasm and will get you riding green waves in no time!'


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'Sam & Allannah are awesome. I decided to try surfing in my late 30's and I was lucky enough to get these two amazing coaches. It took me a while to get to grips with the basics (I think I'm still trying) but Sam and Alan kept me motivated when other coaches may have lost patience. They helped me find my passion for surfing and after spending a week with them I went and bought my own board and 2 yrs later haven't looked back. I've also had a virtual lesson with them which was great! The best thing about them, other than the fun they bring to teaching, is how they deliver constructive feedback'


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'Allannah & Sammy are fantastic surf instructors! I loved my time with them, they listened to my surfing goals and helped me realise them. Even when you are pushing yourself with bigger waves they are calm and confident, helping you to be the same! Couldn't recommend them highly enough, 10/10'


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'Allannah and Sam are great at sharing their passion for surfing and making their sessions positive and fun. As someone who's been a beginner surfer for many years they gave me the confidence to paddle out back and really make the most of my time with them!'



‘Allannah & Sam are incredibly skilled as surfers, so the knowledge they can pass on is second to none. Because of this they can take any surfer from beginner through to advanced, working with you to help you get the best out of your time in the waves. In addition to that they are passionate about conservation and ensuring everyone respects and enjoys the natural playground of the ocean’


L2 Improver course


'I hit a plateau with my surfing and felt like I wasn't getting anywhere so I booked onto the  improver course with Allannah & Sammy. From the moment I started the course I felt welcomed and totally at ease with these women. My confidence and skills within surfing improved drastically after just 1 week with these 2 and I can't wait to book onto another one of their courses next summer!' 😜🤙🏼


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'I met Allannah about 6 months after I started surfing.  She is so driven in her coaching.  Her energy, humour and motivation is infectious.  

Allannah takes time to focus on individual needs.  I'm 52 and not as flexible as I used to be. Allannah suggested an alternative pop up style which worked for me.  Her coaching continues on dry land and has given me written goals to focus on.  

Sammy is a languid longboarder who I would love to style myself one day.   Her open, smiling personality made me feel at ease.  Her reassurance and positive focus shines through' 



'I did the L2 improver course with one of my oldest friends and we had the most wonderful time. Allannah & Sam are both gifted teachers in different ways and create an atmosphere that is fun, encouraging and friendly. It was so motivating learning from them and being in the water with a lovely group of women!'


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‘Allannah & Sam will have you surfing in a way you’ve always aimed towards but had doubts you’d ever achieve. They’ll have you laughing each session as you get covered in sand during the warm up, sprint paddling your way into green waves, wiping out as you attempt your first cross steps and holding your head up high as you ‘look down the line’. Their wealth of experience and expertise shine through making you feel safe, encouraged and empowered to push your own personal surfing to the next level. I sincerely hope to return for regular progression courses with them as often as I can'


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'I recently spent a week with Allannah & Sam on a women's surf course. I've surfed for a while and had a fair bit of coaching. Not only are they awesome humans, I was so impressed with their coaching styles and how much we all learned. They definitely found the perfect balance between making it super fun, keeping the stoke high but at the same time giving sound, technical advice for anyone serious about improving their technique. They really know their stuff and I'm looking forward to booking some more coaching with them soon.'



'I have done a bunch of courses with Allannah & Sam, and they are absolutely brilliant. Always striking a great balance between enjoyment and progression, both in and out of the water. They have such a huge amount of knowledge and experience and can really tailor their advice to each person. The courses are always so much fun with a caring and inclusive vibe'


L3 Improver Plus course

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'I was first coached by Allannah in India, then in Cornwall and I’m dying for my next instalment!'

She is an excellent coach who builds confidence and skill in equal measures when your under her guidance. 

A super approachable teacher who always burst with positive vibes. There’s no day, too big or small, that Allan doesn’t make you excited for! The knowledge of reading waves, safety, etiquette and riding green waves is all part of the session! I wish I could steal her away on every surf holiday! Until then I can’t wait to next be in the water with this incredible coach and all round bad ass gal role model!'


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'Allannah & Sam are just brilliant at what they do. They’re both exceptional surfers yet relate so well to people learning to surf, giving the knowledge and confidence to progress. They give such good tips and advice to combat challenges along the way. I’ve learnt so much from them and they both come surfing with me in my head every time I go out with all their advice running though my mind. Oh and they’re both lovely good humans too!'


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'Allannah & Sam are without question the finest surf coaches I’ve had anywhere in the world and I’ve had a lot of surf coaches! Their enthusiasm is infectious, their knowledge is unrivalled and their patience is limitless. I always have the best time in the water whenever I’m with them'



'Sam and Allannah have been a massive help throughout my ongoing surf learning curve. They are keen to help you enjoy the learning process and achieve your surfing goals. They happily share technical tips and advice tailored for your level, and keep it fun even when the conditions are far from perfect!


Longboard courses


My surfing noticeably progressed after spending time with Allannah & Sam. The waves were big that weekend, so instead of toes on the nose we learned arguably more important skills like timing sets, catching the wave in the right position, and I gained the confidence to head out in big swell and find the waves that worked for me.

The coaching was top notch, including one-on-one feedback on our form, paddle and pop up, and the next steps we needed to take on our individual surfing journeys. Above all it was FUN. We laughed a lot, I felt comfortable under their guidance and know I came out of it a better surfer. I'm looking forward to joining them for a surf again soon!'


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'I was nervous to have lessons after having a bad experience with surf coaches in the past, as they made me feel embarrassed and scared for the entire lesson. However, I decided to give it another go, and am SO glad I did! Sam & Allannah couldn’t have been more opposite to the other surf coach if they had tried. They instantly put everyone at ease and focus on making sure you just have fun in the water, all while learning everything you need to know to become a surfer. I loved it so much, I went on 2 more courses in that year!

As a result, I have gone from not being able to stand up on a board, to catching green waves, trimming down the line and even cross-stepping, all within 12 months! I grew up thinking I wasn’t sporty, but thanks to them and surfing, I now have a sport I love, and lots of friends to do it with! I 100%' couldn’t have done that without them, so THANK YOU!!


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'Excellent weekend of surf lessons with Sam and Allannah! Both really positive and fun teachers, and they also gave me useful analysis/tips to take away. I’m going to practice and then book in again!'



 'Sam helped me to fall in love with longboarding! I progressed a lot and she gave me pointers in the water and gave me things to work on at home away from the ocean.

I have also done some improver courses with Allannah. She gave me great coaching and helped me to get out back, practicing my paddling and  body position on the surfboard. I now feel confident in tackling waves. Both of them provided such great support in both physical and mental capabilities of surfing'



'I joined Samantha and Allannah for a longboard clinic. The days together were SO much fun packed with theory, surf time, lots of practice with ongoing tips via video analysis. It was so valuable and I feel that I improved a lot in terms of my confidence and safety in the water whilst having the best time. Would 100% recommend and I hope to make this a yearly treat for myself!'


Shortboard courses


'I did some shortboard coaching with Allan back in the summer. I was very new to shortboarding and didn't have much confidence riding a smaller board, particularly in bigger waves.  Allan helped me to build my confidence, learn how to start doing more manoeuvres and showed me how to duck dive.

Allan was fantastic - she's always spot on in pinpointing what you need to work on. She's so positive and encouraging. She explains things in a really easy to understand and memorable way.

My surfing improved noticeably as a result of Allan's coaching. Will definitely be going back to her! Highly recommend it'



I've had an absolute blast in the many surf lessons I've done with Allannah & Sam, I've learnt so much. The girls have helped me in all aspects of my surfing: improving my pop ups, catching my first green waves, improving my paddle technique, wave selection, turning, reading and understanding surf reports, surf etiquette...the list goes on.  The lessons have been heaps of fun, in a supportive and non-competitive environment, with none of the macho stuff you sometimes get in mixed groups. 

Allan and Sam both have loads of patience and a wicked sense of humour.  Can't rate them highly enough.  Don't hesitate...just book will make masses of progress and have a wonderful time!'


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‘The attention to detail and individually tailored coaching meant I learnt so much in just a few sessions. The Stoke was infectious, everyone was smiling out there and I can’t wait to get on the next one.’


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'I did a short board course with Allannah instructing & Sam getting loads of professional photos from the land, which were used for analysis. It was a super friendly environment , and Allannah’s coaching was really valuable with lots of 1 on 1 time.

I learnt more in two days than I had in over ten years of surfing and still practice the techniques she gave me. It was such a fun weekend and they put me completely at ease, there were lots of laughs and new friendships made 🤘'


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