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Surfskate Training
Featured On All Of Our Surf Courses!


On Land Drills

We have collaborated with Mindless Surfskates & Rekd protection to bring you our surf specific on land surf drills, designed to improve your surfing whilst having tons of fun! 


Surfskates allow us to practice surf movement repetition and are one of the best on land tools to help you level up your surfing. 


We have developed drills and techniques for beginner & intermediate surfskater’s for you to practice at your own pace, so you can enjoy the sessions and have tons of fun! 


Featured on all of our courses!

Learn New Skills
Surf Better


What We Cover:

  • Surfskate explanation 

  • Surfskate Safety 

  • Correct Posture and stance 

  • Weight Distribution 

  • Foot Positioning 

  • Stopping the board

  • Speed Generation

  • Turning 

  • Drills you can use at home on your own board

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Longboard Courses

Improver Courses

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