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'Stall and Step'
Level Two
Longboard Surf Course

Welcome to our Level Two Longboard Surf Course
‘Stall & Step’

We’ve been teaching Longboarding for 5 years now, and have decided to run dedicated 2 day courses to learn to cross step and nose ride. Where we can delve deeper using some exciting new drills and methods to learn in ways that make you feel good.

This is something we wished existed when we started cross stepping. Don’t get us wrong it takes time and commitment to get it right as its hard! But this course will set you well on your way with all the knowledge and ways to succeed and get them toes over!

We will improve your Longboarding through surf sessions, video analysis and theory sessions. Always with a smile and most likely with dancing.

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Find Positioning

Cross Step

Noseriding Basics

Stall & Step Level Two Longboard Course

May 27 - 28th 2023
July 8 -  9th 2023

Women Gather Surf Longboard Singlefin Sisterhood Gather and Glide surf

What to Expect

We will have 4 in water focused Surf sessions, land theory, video analysis with One to One feedback and an in water photographer for the best session.

  • Safety

  • Ettiquette on a longboard

  • Loosening the stance and turning

  • Stalling and what that means

  • Finding the right part of the wave

  • The mechanics of cross stepping

  • How to Noseride

  • Hang 5’s and Hang 10’s

  • Different types of Longboards

  • Set small achievable goals for you to aim for in the future

We use in water exercises to improve and learn in a way that makes you feel good.

Samantha Sunshine Surfing Longboarding

Longboard Coaches

Sam Sunshine - Course Leader

Sam has been introducing Women to Longboarding for the last 5 Years, always a friendly face in the community and a firm belief in community over competition (but is also currently competitively second in the Uk and has been sponsored over the years.)

Great at putting you at ease when making your first steps. Reminding you never to take yourself or surfing too seriously, while secretly knowing that when you have fun and relax you improve the most.


We value community and know that you grow good surfers within a positive ocean family. Come join ours.

Gather and Glide Singlefin Sisterhood Longboard Courses



Cross stepping


2 Day Course

Short, intense, and fun. Using images, video and demos on land. Then taking that into the water following drills to improve while having fun. All that while receiving one on one tips from our experienced coaches.  

4 Group Surf Sessions


Mad for it we will surf until we have spaghetti arms! (we wont enforce this don’t worry!) We surf for as long as the group and waves work well as we aren’t limited to any time restraints.

Our courses have all been scheduled around small (neap) tides so we can surf without the pressure of the tide getting too low or too high.

We Are Mobile


We pick the best surf spots for the day within our permissions. So we will never be bound to surf unfriendly conditions (unless the conditions are terrible everywhere we will then switch the surf for something more beneficial).

Surf Progression

Guaranteed to improve with our longboard programme that has been developed slowly through experience and testing. Your learn more than you can achieve in 2 days and will be taking away goals and knowledge for the future.

Video and Photo Analysis


When you get to this level in your surfing this is absolute KEY in improvement. We will do an Individual analysis session for you within the 2 days. We also have a local professional In water photographer join us for the best session. 


All footage you get to keep, It will also go into our private student database so we know what you are working on next time you join us.

Meal Together/Party

Lets celebrate our good surfs together! We will either organise a Bbq on the beach or book a table at our favourite restaurant depending on the weather. Who knows where the night could

take us..

Limited To 10 Spaces Per Course
With Three Longboard Coaches

Gather and Glide Becca Paddle out surf coaching courses newquay

Course Requirements

To make this course beneficial we ask you have the ability to surf a Longboard on green unbroken waves. If your uncertain if this course is for you check out our Log on Level 1 Longboard Course or our Surf Progression Courses or please drop us a message and we can have a chat.

  • Previous attendance on our Level 1 Longboard course or good surf experience

  • Can catch green unbroken waves without assistance

  • Can ride the face of the wave

  • Comfortable surfing 3ft waves

  • Can paddle out back


'SO much fun packed with theory, surf time, lots of practice with ongoing tips via video analysis. It was so valuable and I feel that I improved a lot in terms of my confidence and safety in the water whilst having the best time -100% recommend!'


(Longboard Course 2021)

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Stall & Step Level Two Longboard Courses

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What to Expect on Our Courses

Our schedule usual changes with the tides and surf forecast but check out our general course schedule here.

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Our Coaching and Team

Our Coaching is a little different from the rest we know everyone learns differently find out how and why here.



What to bring along and what we can provide so you can surf to your full potential.

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Check out our recommendations on where to stay in Newquay and surrounding areas, so you can find the perfect place to rest after a whole day in the ocean!


Surfing in Newquay

Click the link to discover more about the UK's leading surf town here in Cornwall and find out where we will be surfing!



All your Questions answered. Mostly about surfing not necessarily about life!

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